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About EBIX

EBix’s primary goal is creative software development services on various platforms and technologies.

EBIX is Bangalore based Software Company generalized in the Accounting  and E commerce  applications. The company has developed product name T Square  which has in- build platform for developing the application for accounting feature. 

This product has feature like imperial imposing the coding, the teaming coding etc. This product is a domain independent with this product we can use the code coverage in the any application with any vicinity.

 EBIX has the developers who work with ecommerce and accounting domain so the product T square has been developed with special unique feature over the e commerce applications. 

EBIX is specialized in developing the E commerce applications and the portal (templates) for the E commerce software.  E two retail template is one of the templates developed by EBIX as part of E commerce software building. 

The templates are licensed software for the EBIX and cannot be used in developing the other organisation without written permission from the authorities. The idea behind the E two retail template is there are many organisation spending money and time for developing from scratch so if we can provide them the software then developers can save huge time and effort for the software developing. 

But the application will be cost money and this cost will be one third of the actual cost for the software. T square is software developed by the EBIX for ERP application. ACE is template developed by EBIX for accounting software. 


EBIX has tied up with Dubai based multimedia communication organisation which can provide application tracking with IAT all over the world. This work is efficiently merged with inlet technology so that EBIX has developed a product which is cheap in product and, cheap in the working activates and also cheap in the product maintenance. Apart from the BPO / investor finding application this inlet technology will be used for banking, construction sites to monitor their working activities. 

Our small team in Bangalore is extremely creative and skilled in software development

Technical support

The EBIX developed with promising of providing the easy business standard software development. EBIX had come with products and the complete software solution to the E commerce background domain.  This product can be avail by any corporate and any business domain so that there will be easy business managements. The product contains the magic coding which will be used for any make the organisation cash flow better and keep organisation expense cheap. If the organisation faces issued for their business progress the can meet the EBIX analysts and we can provide the solution with our software applications. If the organisation does not want to go with the product or go with the trial version first they can get it by EBIX served existing product first.  If the client is satisfied they can go with the original customized software application exclusively for each units.   

Be an independent freelancer and Earn Money !

How it works?

You work independently and will earn form the freelancing projects. Interested candidates has to register with Ebix for freelancer program.
The training of 30 days will be given in two phases 

Phase one – 15 days : where the candidates will be given online training on basics, C# concepts and training working with templates
Phase two – the Hands on Lab training for the selected candidates based in the their performance in the phase one training.

The 40% of the revenue from the project will be given for the candidates .

The performance of the candidates are measured from the quality of the program candidates coded and the logic applied for the given task for the given assignments in the phase one.

NB: the training is free of cost and NO charges are collected for the training. The selected candidates will be given 40 % of the project .

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Phone : 9740640203
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